Monday, August 17, 2009


I've been having problems with windows movie maker lately. It has been so tempermental that it wouldn't allow me to upload videos from my camcorder! Today it suddenely started working, so I was uploading as many of the tapes I could! Here is one video from our church song service on
July 26, 2009.

Brother Weaver loves his King James he sang this special:

My brother and I sang this song that he wrote part of and mixed it with: "I Have Decided To Follow Jesus"

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today is my youngest brother's 18th birthday. I can't believe that Dan is that old already! I remember 18 years ago travel on a dark night to a family's house. They were going to watch Mike, Rach and I while my mom had the baby.

On that evening I was sharing a room with my friend and we decided we wanted to see if the baby was born and what it was (boy or girl). So we cooked up a scheme to go downstairs and get some water...maybe, just maybe they would tell us that the baby was born. No such luck. Not even a peep about the baby. Now that I'm older I guess that he hadn't been born yet...we were a little too early in coming downstairs!

The next thing I remember is getting in the car. I felt so privileged that I could sit in the back seat with my mom and the baby between us. I just stared and stared at the baby with the chubby, big cheeks. Daniel Phillip was born on August 11, 1991 at 11:30 PM. He weighed over 8 pounds- biggest of us four!

I also remember that my mom had a red rose that I think my dad had gotten for her. I just recall that it was so pretty! When we got home my mom and dad took the baby to the living room and the three of us older children gathered around and just gazed at the new baby we had waited for so long so see. I remember that when mom was pregnant we would hug her belly at night and say, "Goodnight baby!"

Such good times and it still only feels like yesterday. So I say happy birthday to Bro Danny! May God bless you with many more to come!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What is Christianity?

Tonight I was planning on going to church, but was so tired that I fell asleep! The next thing I heard was my mom and brother saying they were leaving. So I missed it! I felt really bad, but I also know that I was really tired and needed to rest (I have one more day at camp tomorrow, so I'll need an extra push:-).

I was feeling so tired and dragged out that I decided to take a shower to clear my head and hopefully wake me up to get something more done. As I was getting ready I was know sometimes we as Christians focus so much on ceremony that we forget that being a Christian is all about a personal relationship with God! How many times do we get busy with Sunday morning, Sunday evening and Wednesday night church. Nursing homes, Bible studies, mission trips, soul winning and all the things that get us out there and we then don't have a one on one with the Lord. There is nothing wrong with any of those things, it just bothers me when they seem to get more important than walking personally with the Lord.

Maybe I'm finicky, but I do so cherish that time I get with the Lord. My dad used to tell of a man, I think it was Martin Luther. If he had a busy day he would just get up an hour earlier so he could spend time with the Lord. I try to remember that and do that, but sometimes I get so tired. I'm glad we live in the age of grace and that God is so merciful. We can not live today without Him. So get close and stay close. That is when the other, missions, nursing homes, singing, etc....will be more meaningful and you can have a bigger impact for the Lord. After all, it's all about Him who died for us little pieces of dust.