Wednesday, October 10, 2012

60 And Loving It!

This month has been long awaited for a momentous occasion: mom's 60th birthday!  About two years ago she started getting really excited about turning sixty-so I wanted to do something special as it seems like the big-0 years are pretty important.  :-)

So we planned a surprise party at His Thousand Hills!  Mom knew we would probably try to do something, but she ended up being completely surprised as birth date is October 9th, and we had the party on September 29th. 

She was so surprised and started cry right away! Good thing the tissues were handy!

The decor was lavender-because her favorite flower is the lilac and it's funny because I didn't think of it until after we'd plan to do lilac scented candles, but her wedding colors where also purple.  Mom would have celebrated her 28th wedding anniversary the week before the party.

Mom loves hats so we had the ladies wear a fancy hat to the party-which is why mom and I have a hat on.  But here's the whole family minus Mike-who is overseas still.

This was taken yesterday on mom's actual b-day.  She wore that shirt all day where ever we went!

This coming year is going to be an amazing year for my mom and I'm so grateful that God allowed me to have a mom like her!

Happy Birthday!