Monday, June 1, 2009

Sometimes you just have to smile

This past Sunday we sang at a church that we have been going to for the last few weeks. We had tried to practice through the week (we only had one practice session), but couldn't seem to get settled on a song. Sunday morning we woke up and had to quickly confirm what we were going to sing. Well, sometimes things don't always go the way you planned. We had one song ready and another that was about 98% of the way there. We were just trying to figure out who was going to sing which verse.

When we got to church I turned to Mike and said, "Just sing the song through and we'll join in with you wherever we can." He nodded and church started. We got up to sing and the first song went great. The second home we were talking about me singing the second verse as a solo, but I thought that when I told Mike to just sing and we'll join in that we had changed that. Well, he may have nodded, but he still thought I was supposed to sing.

So Mike was strumming his guitar.....and strumming his guitar....and I turned and looked at him waiting for him to start singing, but there was just the guitar strumming. Then I thought...."HHHmmmm. Maybe I'm supposed to sing?" But unfortunately now I did know if it was safe to jump in and start singing or if I should just wait or this time Mike was pretending that he was playing an interlude to the next verse.

Well, as it turns out he finished playing through the verse in the guitar as best he could and we all started singing again. Sometimes you can't change it so just smile and go along with the flow.......big grin

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