Thursday, March 15, 2012

Remember...Testimony Behind The Song

Since I was nine or ten years old I've always loved to write songs. As the years have gone by, the Lord has given me music to help get me through the challenges in my life. When I'm going through a time of doubt, trial and difficulties I generally sit down and play the piano as a way of relieving that stress. It's not even necessarily a song that I know. Often it's just music that comes to me in the moment. Then the words will begin to flow. For a long time I've wanted to record and share that music with others. The doors never seemed to open...until this year.

As some of you may know in October of 2002 the Lord took my dad to be with Him. The years since have been very trying and difficult. Many times I've wondered why God has chosen for my family to travel this path. Sometimes I've even felt bitter about the way my life has been. I've asked God why He couldn't have allowed me to have my father here. It would have made things so much easier. Perhaps, I wouldn't have been so lonely and my heart wouldn't have a huge empty place that my dad used to fill.

The following song, Remember, was written in March and May of 2009. The verses are basically me crying out to to the Lord and the chorus is the reminder that we must trust and remember that God is with us even through those dark and confusing times.

Sometimes when I feel all alone in the dark,
Shadows that come and flee as a lark,
My heart starts to tremble to tremble in fear,
Then I remember You are always so near!

The first verse comes from the moments where I would lay awake at night feeling alone, missing my dad or maybe it was just the daily challenges that sometimes just get to overwhelming. I would often cry and just look at the shadows that lined the walls. In those moments my heart would be crying out and asking the Lord to be with me.

Sometimes when it seems life is going awry,

No hope just sorrow and tears dim your eye,

Should I go? Should I follow?

Lord, what should I do?

Father you know that I'm depending on you!

Life always has little surprises that seem to just creep up in the most inopportune moments. It's then that the questions begin to flow. What should I do? Often I've felt so lost as to what direction to take. But I know that God is leading in my life and I must stay focused and trust that He has a plan for everything that happens.

God is always with us and His reply to all our questions and fears is simple.

Remember, God is always near,

Remember, He takes away our fears,

So lift your hands and shout out a loud song of praise,

For He has saved us by His grace.

The Lord can turn all our fears and all our doubts around to a song of praise that will give glory and honor to Him. He already knows each of the steps we have to take and He's always by our side. We just need to remember to turn to Him.

One of the greatest blessings that happened during the writing phase of this song was the bridge part at the end. My mom often hears me playing music. She never really has any idea what the songs are about until I sing them for her. So all she had ever heard was the piano part. Words came into her heart as she heard the music and finally she wrote the words down. She came to me and said, "Every time you play that one song these words come into my mind. I don't know if it will work or if you can use it but here it is."

The words fit perfectly. It was as if after all the struggles (the verses) and the reminding of God being there (the chorus) the words for the bridge where an affirmation. A statement that one would say to keep on running the race to the finish.

I will not give up, I am not afraid, I will not give into defeat.

I will stand upon the Word of God whereon He sets my feet.

I love it when something like that happens!!! Isn't God great!

My goal is to continue to share music God has given me and I pray that it will be a blessing to all who hear it.


  1. I think it is amazing how much bravery and maturity you have Rebekah. This is coming from someone who understands those moments of wondering and questioning what direction the lord wants me to go. Especially when the circumstances at hand just causes you to question God. This past year, I have had a shot to the heart that without it I know I would not have had the motivation or incentive to do what I am doing now. I did not like what my wife did, or is stil doing, but without it I know the doors that are opening now, I would not have recognized or even attempted to step through them. I can certainly relate to staying up at night and just, spacing in my bed, for hours before I would go to sleep. My personnal relationship with God has increased ten fold if not more because of whats going on though. Even though I dont agree with the circumstances at hand and know that God doesant condone it. I know he will still use it for his will and the oppurtunities I have now to bring glory and honor to God has increased because of what has happenend. I have always wondered if God wanted me to enter the ministry as a pastor or evangelist and never really felt that I understood or recognized Gods answer. With what my wife has done, I got my answer even though God does not condone the situation. There are so many ways I can serve God without entering the ministry. I wont ever become a pastor or evangelist, if my wife continues down the road she is on. I would not want to be a stumbling block to someone else, If I end up getting a divorce. So I got a straight forward answer that was easily recognizable. In reality it opened up so many other oppurtunities to serve the Lord that I never even thought of. I cant remember the scripture reference, but in order for the potter to turn the clay into a beutiful piece of artwork or a quality functioning witness, the clay has to go thru the fire.. :)

    1. God always allows things to work out for His good...even if it's not the way we wanted or would agree with! :-) As His children He will get the honor and glory in the end no matter what the circumstances. As you said, it is true sometimes we have to go through the fire..."But he knoweth the way that I take: when he hath tried me, I shall come forth as gold." Job 23: 10

    2. your testimony that goes with the song is great rebekah. Have you thought about creating a video with not only the song but also the testimony. maybe not the whole thing, but key text that goes with the verses.

    3. I have thought of that and started to do a video with something like that in mind, but I've been really busy lately and thought it would be quicker to do a post...for now anyways. :-)

  2. That is a beautiful song.I enjoyed reading your blog about how you wrote it. Its been so easy for me to focus on the bad lately...this reminded me how thankful I am for what i have.

  3. Very beautiful! Thanks for sharing your heart with us!