Saturday, March 15, 2014

The Great Cake Fight

Quite simply it all started out with a devious plan for (Cue the evil laugh please) WAHAHAHAHA. We just completed a successful birthday celebration and had politely bid our guests goodbye. I began to get excited because my almighty, super awesome plan would be put into effect.

The plan was simple, get the piece of cake-the perfect size would fit right into the palm of my hand and have plenty of frosting and filling for maximum effect. Then I would then proceed to sneak up behind my unsuspecting sister and stealthily smash and squish that perfect piece of cake right into her lovely face! How could it fail?

Well, first of all she knew something was up…I can’t help it, just can’t keep a straight face when I have a devious plan. (Shaking head on frustration!) But I continued to proceed with hopes that I could pull it off.

I picked out the perfect piece of sweet deliciousness and even placed extra frosting on top. I walked slowly and stealthily behind her, lifted the cake and then….well, that’s when the plan all fell apart.
She saw that cake coming towards her and quicker than speedy Gonzales dodged out of the way. I lost my balance and almost fell on the dog. All the while my hand, that was holding the cake, continued to gain momentum and as my wobbly legs gained their balance…the cake exploded… my face. Yes…the cake “I” was holding. -_- 

My brother, who was in on the plan, but decided to be an “innocent” by stander, start laughing uncontrollably while stuttering out, “HAHAHAHA, how could that happen! You smashed the cake into your own face! HAHAHAHA!”

My eyes began to burn with mock anger, seeking retribution on the original target- who had so easily eluded my cake attack, or perhaps, instead of anger, it was the cake and sticky frosting dripping down into my eye…

Not one to claim defeat I clung to the bits of cake left in my hand when I’d inadvertently missed the intended target. But my sister’s much longer arms and taller legs kept her from receiving a full dose of the cake while I continued to get pummeled! 

We danced around the dogs, who were trying to eat the cake, frosting and peanut butter filling that fell to the floor, when my brother, probably deciding that I was outmatched, decided to try and hold her down. But she fought like a wild cat, clawing at my face, smashing cake further into my hair and all over the place!

The cake fighting continued from our kitchen and into my brother’s room- which is right next to the kitchen. When everything finally settled down we were all laughing so hard and cake was everywhere…except for the intended target! 

So I’m standing there- my whole face felt like it was getting a skin tightening spa treatment, from all the sugar and peanut butter filling on my face, my hair was plastered  to my head, like I’d used too much hairspray, and I was certain there was at least a black eye or a bloody nose about to happen. She still stood with only a teeny, tiny spot of frosting on her…see this is why I don’t pull pranks. I end up getting it worse than the person I’m supposed to be pranking! 

My brother, who was completely untouched my any cake, wished to chronicle the end result of the fight and decided to take a picture. Seeing the opportune moment to be a BIG help to my dear sister, I jumped in and quickly offered, “Let me help you make it look good!”

Somehow through all the mayhem, I’d managed to save a small handful of cake and frosting for the perfect moment. This was it! At last I would be able get some cake, peanut butter filling and buttercream frosting applied to her face! And boy did I rub it in! Ah, sweet victory!

The kitchen and my brother’s room ended up with cake crumbs and frosting all over the place- but our in home vacuum cleaners- also known as our three dogs, helped with the cleanup. We had a super great time- boy was it fun!

What I’ve learned is that sometimes you have to let go, throw all caution to the wind and just do it. If it doesn’t work out like you planned, keep going you never know what kind of memories you will create. :D 
The only thing I’m wondering now: is peanut butter a good exfoliating treatment? Because my face feels amazing! ;) 

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