Tuesday, September 11, 2012

2012 Prayer Letter

It's been a while since our last prayer letter, so Mom and I decided we should get another one out to everyone.  Actually, this was written in July/August so I'm a little late in getting it up online! :-)


Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ!

Another summer is upon us at His Thousand Hills Christian Camp and Retreat Center.  My daughter, Rebekah, and I are plunged into our service for the Lord during our busiest time of the year.  If this is your first letter from us, briefly Rebekah and I are faith-based missionaries serving the Lord at HTH, a non-profit organization wholly supported by donations.  In 2002, I lost my husband by a major heart attack, and during the last ten years my family has learned a lot about trusting the Lord for our provision.  When our survivor’s benefits dwindled, I applied for many jobs in my area, but the Lord closed the doors on all but the opportunity at HTH.  So we raise support as missionaries do.

We have just completed our busy month of June in which we hosted our own two weeks of HTH summer camp.  Our theme verse was Galatians 2:20, I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me, and gave himself for me.  It was presented in such a way as to demonstrate to teens and juniors the importance of a new life in Christ - and what fruit we had!  Several children received Christ or renewed their relationship with Him, deciding to make changes in their lives.  We are now looking forward to hosting several outside groups who will be having week-long camps and retreats through July and August.  So the fun and blessings have only just begun.  Rebekah and I are always blessed to be a part of these events.

Notes from Jane - There is no end to office work when a camp is in session.  I take care of registration paperwork, and am the hub of communication for campers, outside calls, getting messages to camp staff or campers, and occasionally helping a home-sick camper to call home.  Balancing all that with my regular daily accounting and paperwork is always a challenge, but a joy.  I’ve said it before – office work is my niche, and if I can do it for the Lord, how much better!

Notes from RebekahSummer is our busiest time at HTH.  There is usually a new group every week looking to enjoy the beautiful hills and services that we provide them.  It can be very hot (especially in the kitchen), tiring and at times downright exhausting!  But the one thing that keeps me going is the knowledge that every year God works in the lives of those who come to camp.  A few years ago, I heard a story of a girl where the church people had been trying to get her to come to church and accept Christ.  She kept refusing.  However, she didn’t mind coming to camp.  During one of the evening services she couldn’t contain herself any longer.  She began to cry and came up to the altar, accepted Christ and committed her life to Him.  Hearing the stories of children and adults getting saved or committing their lives to Christ is such an encouragement and makes all the hot and exhausting days so worth it! 

Michael - Since last October, my son Michael has been stationed in Ramstein Germany for his duty station in the U.S. Air Force.  Recently he sent me a message that he has been deployed to Kosovo for a peace-keeping assignment by NATO.  He will not be able to come home on leave this year, and we miss him, but we are able to keep regular communications with him online or using Skype.

I want to express sincere thanks to all of you who have faithfully supported us with prayers and finances.  I can honestly say that I don’t know how my family would have made it without them!  Since last year’s letter, our car became disabled beyond repair, and because of some generous givers, we now have two cars – one for Rebekah and I to commute to camp and back, and the other for my son Daniel’s commute to his job.  Following are some dire needs that I would like you to pray about for us:
·         I have a major black mold/mildew problem in my basement – I had an estimate by a specialist in this area, and was told it was very serious, and is dangerous to the health of my family members.  His discounted offer to gut the basement and repair the situation was $5,040.00.  If anyone can help me remedy this situation, please contact me – but please pray that God would provide for the need!
·         I have back property taxes - $656.00 due by September 28 – yes, I’m still trying to get that caught up.
·         I need new glasses - $100-$200 for frames and lenses (although my eye exam is covered by insurance).
·         A large filling fell out of one of my back molars – I have no dental insurance.
·         I owe a chimney repairman $600 because he took care of a major creosote leakage in my woodstove chimney - ready for next winter.

May God specially bless you all!
Sincerely in Christ,

Jane Gresens

  God is always faithful to provide and has been blessing us and meeting our needs.  We so appreciate your prayers as we serve the Lord in our ministry!

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