Thursday, July 16, 2009

Grumbling and complaining

The way I figure it is that there are three primary complainers:
  1. People
  2. Stomachs...I just made some apple muffins so my stomach is complaining quite loudly
  3. Pudgie...our cat who always has something to meow and complain about...constantly.

What has brought this thought on is that I have been doing a study on Joseph. One of the points was quite an eye opener. All the while that Joseph wen through his trials the Bible never records a complaint or grumble from him. Now you all remember Joseph, right?

First, he was his brother's disliked him so much that they threw him into a pit and then after deliberating on what to do with him; sold him to the Ishmealites. He then was noticed by Potiphar who put him in charge of his household goods. Now things seemed to be looking up, but right when it all seemed to be going so well he was wrongly accused by Potiphar's wife (sounds like everyday life doesn't it?). Because he refused to sin and did the right thing by fleeing from sin, he was cast into prison. Now I don't know what prison was like back then, but I'm sure it was pretty bad. But once again Joseph worked to his best ability and was placed in a position of authority. Finally, he foretold what the dreams of the cupbearer and baker meant, and even though it did not free him right away, eventually it lead to his freedom. Joseph then became the highest ruler in Egypt and saved many people's lives, including his family, during a great famine that lasted seven long years.

Here are some of the points learned:
  1. Joseph did not complain or grumble...why? Perhaps he realized that where he was, was where God wanted him, and in God's timing all would be made right. He then proceeded to work to the best of his ability and with a joyful heart (how else could he have attracted the attention of both Potiphar and the prison keeper...they had to have seen something in Joseph that really set him apart from the rest.)
  2. Joseph did not sin even though it would have seemed a better way to go. Sometimes in life the temptation to do something that would not please God seems better than just waiting on god to show you an open door. Also, when we sin I believe that it takes God longer to work in your life as first you have to face the consequences of that sin. It does not mean that God won't work it just means that it will be a harder and perhaps longer road than staying faithful and true to what pleases God.
  3. God's plan, timing and how He does it is not always the way we want it or had hoped for. When Joseph gave the interpretation of the dream to the cupbearer and butler I'm sure he thought that he might be released within the week. However, there was a period of time that passed. It wasn't until Pharoah had a dream that Joseph was released from the prison.
Finally, Joseph was reunited with his father and family. Someday after all these trials we will be reunited with our family and friends, but more importantly with our Heavenly Father! When that does happen these trails we face will be nothing. Just as a women who gives birth does not remember the pain of labour so we will not remember the pain and travail down here.

In closing 'd like to encourage you to keep moving forward in the trust, belief and faith that God is with you. Don't mumble, grumble and complain. Keep a joyful spirit. the best way to do that (it's often hard to do) is to consciously remind yourself of how the Lord will bring you through. How he never leaves your side. Sometimes it's easy to want to complain when doing chores and things others should or could be doing and it feeling like all you do is fill in for others who are just laying around- but one day the Lord showed me that work is pleasing to Him. So do it with a joyful attitude and to His honor and Glory.

In the mean time I intend to put my grumbling and complaining stomach to rest by eating one of those muffins!


  1. Thanks for the thoughts on Joseph!
    Our cat is grouchy and complains often as well. He demands what he wants and expects to get it. Cats are so funny that way!
    Were the muffins good? :)

  2. Oh, yes. They were so good that I would eaten another one had I not been trying to save room for dinner!! :)

  3. Isn't it odd how God bring around all the bad things that seem to tumble in our way for his own good later.
    I'm quite sure Joseph had a lot of patience up his sleeves. I sure wouldn't have gone through it as well as he did. He must have gotten that patience from all the tribulations and teasings I'm sure he got from all those older half brothers of his.

  4. You are probably right! I never thought of it that way, how learning patience from our siblings can really assist us in future growth during trials and tribulations we meet. Great thought!