Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's up?

Today I was reading a friends blog and she had written about overcoming being lazy. (Go To The Ant? Those Tiny Girls) It struck a chord as laziness is one of the biggest offenders of all! I always struggle with laziness in terms of writing friends and keeping up this blog! I think my biggest problem is consistency though. To be consistent however...means to not be lazy but diligent. So I am trying but I know that it is a continual, constant work in progress.

Now in all fairness, to not having kept up with my writing, I have been busier lately. For the last month I've been helping out at His Thousand Hills camp. A few days a week they've needed some help in the kitchen so since I love the kitchen I've been going there. I've been been able to help make the meals and even baked some desserts. I've had some nice complements on some of the dishes I've prepared, which is such an encouragement as I am still a newbie at preparing food for large crowds. Yes, I've done lots of prep and meals for big groups of people at church, family graduations, and after church fellowships at our house (what can you say, quite a few family's we know have quite a few children!) But I've never really done baking in pans bigger than 13X9 for cakes or brownies. Well, at camp you need to maximize not only your time as things take longer to cook than at home in your own oven, but you also need to make a lot of food as people get extra hungry running around all day. The children because they are young and growing and the adults because they are chasing the children!

Also, this Saturday my sister, Rachel, is having a volley ball bash at our house for her birthday. (Actually, saying that it's her b-day is just an excuse to have people over and have some fun with volley ball and water personal favorite:)

I've been trying to get all the details together, but if you know Rachel she doesn't really plan things out like ABC. She just thinks that it just all come together...just like some children think that money magically arrives under the pillow when a tooth gets put there. So I've been trying to chase Rae down for details on who is coming when (we are having lunch and dinner as some people can't be there later in the day) what we should have for food, what our budget is, what games will we do, how should we set things up, will you help in cleaning the house? Of course it does not help that 1) I usually have a list and organized pattern for how I do things and, 2) I'm a worry wart...will be have enough food, will everyone have a place to sit, what if someone can't eat what we are serving....and on and on. Like I said I like to have things in order and Rach...well take a look at her room some day and you'll see what I mean (she doesn't even have sheets on her bed, she just throws blankets and pillows what most people do except most people do it when they are tossing their laundry out to fold it...and she then proceeds to sleep however she falls down on the bed...sometimes shoes and all (what can I say she's a funny girl). All I usually do is smile though...some people are just different and how would the world be with out them??? Boring. :-)

So I'm trying to get a lot done for Saturday and then I plan to relax and have some fun.

In the mean time I remind myself of three simple things:

1) Don't be purposefully undiligent (is that a word? It sounds so much nicer than lazy!)

2) Just do your best in all that you do and remember for whom you are really doing your work (or anything) for...Our Lord

3) Do all that you do with a SMILE (even when and especially when you don't feel like it)...because once again, remember for whom you are really living your life the honor and glory of our Saviour.


  1. Yea, undiligent! I like that word better then lazy.
    Your type of planning sound a lot like Amber's. She's always worrying about that. I suppose mayby my problem is I'm a bit of a relaxed person. I wonder if all edest sisters are like that? :) I guess someone has to worry.
    Thanks for the pointers. I'll try and keep them in mind.

  2. Someone recently told me that each day they ask the Lord to find a way to stretch and use them. I found this quite interesting, exspecially when I adopted it! Your three points are what stuck out the most to me.
    Smiling is somthing I have recently begun to do, again. :) I am amazed at how many people notice just that simple smile. It makes me smile even more!
    I like ABC plans and I enjoy finding ways to work around the monkey wrenches that get thrown in! :) That is another one of those just smiling times!