Friday, July 17, 2009

So sweet!

Yesterday day my brother Dan came home after spending three days at the Cheeks house. Now usually when he's home he does the dishes in the morning when he wakes up. So I was desperately trying to get the dishes done before he got home- I was a little behind because this past Saturday we had a party at our house for Rachel's b-day. Try as I might I just could not get all the dishes done. I'm usually pretty busy trying to keep up with the dogs, garden and other things around the house that I just didn't have the time!

So this morning as I was making breakfast Dan was in his usual morning post of washing the dished-he had put the ones away that I had washed yesterday. I was apologizing to him and just saying: "Sorry, Dan I was trying to get them all done. I feel so bad that you have to do these." And all types of things like that.

He very graciously said, "It's okay, don't worry about it! Are you going to be in here (the kitchen) for a while (he wanted me to stay so we could talk about all the fun he had while he was away)?" He then proceeded to wash the dishes and just talk up a storm about what he did the last three days-we always talk when he's doing dishes and I'm making's so much fun!

I thank God for such a great gift in Bro. Danny. He's always looking for ways to help me in the kitchen and he's not selfish about it at all. He's always looking for things he can learn as well about baking and cooking his favorite dishes. Most men make hot dog, boxed mac and cheese or pbj's. Dan makes-from scratch- pizza dough and sauce, and the best mac and cheese you could eat, he also makes other things but I can't think of them as those two things are his primary and best dishes he does! Bottom line is that he's always helping out in the kitchen with dishes and meals. I know I can count on him when I need the extra hands!

I tell him that someday he's going to make a girl very, very happy!

Now if I can just find a guy like him I'll be all set! :-)


  1. In my opinion the government should make a national Brother's day. So that we can remember all that we are thankful for in our brothers, or in my case brother.
    Conner might not be a dish washer, but he's a handy man. Anything that needs fixed and he's sure to be there.(Especially when he's suppose to be doing school) :)

  2. Brothers are so dear!
    Sometimes my brother helps out in the kitchen, like making pumpkin muffins today. (They were good too!) He isn't much of a dish washer (although he will do it) but he does enjoy cooking. I always thought that it was too much of our girl influence. Then I met a family who has all boys and everyone of them helps out in the kitchen.
    I never cease to be amazed! :)
    I agree with Rebecca, I think there should be a Brother's Day!

  3. I agree as well on Brother day!