Monday, July 13, 2009

July 4, 2009...finally!!

One of my favorite things to do is video photography...but I haven't had much of a chance to really get into it until recently! I had bought my camera in 2007 because I wanted to have videos of a new litter of puppies we had. But I just hadn't quite gotten into taking my camera with me until this year 2009. Now I just get so excited in wondering what kinds of great shots I can get to create a fun video for posterity sake.

I finally completed the video from the 4th of July picnic we had at the Barger's house!! I don't think I did too bad considering I had to wade through and edit over 40 minutes of footage! But let me know what you think...there is one part that I don't think really fits, but I just really wanted to finish the video.

We had so much fun and really enjoyed the fellowship. So here it is....

Ok...I should have added in the credits that the video photographers include my mom, Rachel and I. I'm so grateful for their help as what good is a video for posterity sake when you aren't in it?!?!


  1. Oh! That was sooo.. cool! I loved it! Thanks for blogging that!

  2. Your welcome! It seems to get funnier the more I watch it! :)

  3. Loved the video! I am going to copy your post to one of my posts so that I can show my friends what we did on that memorable day. :)
    Did I say I loved the video?!
    You did a great job! Greatly enjoyed the music!

  4. Go ahead and copy the link...I do want to somehow get the video off the computer onto a DVD or VHS so you can have a copy...but I won't be able to do it for a while.