Thursday, February 13, 2014

50 Posts!

I know I don't have many readers...yet....but I thought I would celebrate my 50th blog post! YAY!!!!! Wohooo!!!(Can you hear party music and blowouts?) Okay, okay I know it's not a huge accomplishment to some, but I've been making an effort to post more often and it feels good to have reached 50 posts! :)

Anyways, I've been working on a book and it's been simply amazing! Doing the research has caused me to delve deeper into God's word and learn so much more about the people in the bible. It's been...I have no words to describe it....overwhelming!

I hope I can share some of what I'm working on sometime soon, but until then please just pray that I will have wisdom and clear ideas for the words that I need to write. I feel like Jeremiah when he said that God's word was in him like a burning fire and he was weary with forbearing and could not stay. Translation: He HAD to share what God had given him. He couldn't just keep it inside no matter how hard he tried. 

I'm so grateful that I've actually had the time to sit and work on the things God has given me to share and I am claiming that it will be used for him to encourage and uplift those who are hurting and need Christ love!

Till next time, keep safe and warm- we are currently under a winter advisory so there's a lot of white stuff flying around!

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