Sunday, February 23, 2014

New Book Started

I've been working on a book for about a month now. It's interesting how it came about as it's the usual way things come about for me....a rough day. Sometimes I really wish God would just give me the inspiration without having to go through the pain that taught me the lesson!

I'd had a really rough day. So bad that I didn't even do the dishes before I went to bed! Now I love and need to come out to a clean kitchen in the morning or my day is hindered by the load of dishes that have to be cleaned. So it is my preference to have all that done before I slid into my comfy bed for night of sweet, precious sleep.

The only time I don't actually get the dishes done is if I'm way too tired, don't feel good, or have company over. Other than that I strive to be faithful in that one task. Well, after my rough day I left the dishes there and for once yes, I did have about two of my above mentioned excuses, but I also thought that maybe, just maybe tomorrow I'd want to have some moments to think before me day.

Love it when a thought like that happens- I call them 'God Thoughts' as it isn't until later that I realize why I thought a certain thing.

Anyways, the next day I woke up feeling emotionally drained and unmotivated. After being reminded of the dishes waiting to be washed, I decided to take the time and get them done. I used that time to talk to the Lord about what I was feeling. I told him how frustrated I was that the day before had been so rough. Have you ever noticed that when you wash dishes it just gives you time to think?

Well, this was a moment where God suddenly allowed me to have idea after idea for the book I'm working on. Then later in the day as I worked on the book I realized that I needed some assistance for research. I asked someone for help and a few days later they responded with the help I needed! 

Confirmation after confirmation took place letting me know that the doors were open! So I've been working on this book and more ideas have's been like a flowing river of ideas!

I've also had the opportunity to do further research into biblical characters which has been super amazing! Getting up close with God's word brings joys and knowledge you knew was there, but never imagined how much deeper it could go.

Overall, it's been challenging, but very fun doing this new project. Can't wait to share it with you all!

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