Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Believing God's Got This When It's Hard To Believe

"God's Got This" has been something I've often had to purposely remind myself of during the start of this year. In life so much can get out of control so quickly and grabbing onto that peace and knowing that God is in control......well, I'd love to say it's all rainbows and butterflies, but it can be difficult for our flesh.

I keeps saying that God has everything under control, but my body keeps feeling stressed, frustrated and annoyed. Our stomachs grow heavier as it twists and does flip flops from all the fretting and worrying. How can we keep  faithful in word and deed during those times? How can we stay strong in our faith?

I'm currently going through something right now where I am struggling with those very questions. It's not the first time I've struggled with my faith during a difficult moment, but it's certainly a situation that has me stressed a lot more than I usually am- even in previous stressful situations!

I was supposed to do something, it's something that you can't say no to, but due to a health challenge I was unable to. Now I'm in a situation where I could be in some trouble if things don't work out right. I've been stressed all day and worried...but wait! Isn't there a song we sang in Sunday school that says, "why worry when you can pray"?

Well, I prayed, my family is praying, but I'm still worried and my health is being made slightly worse by the stress of the situation. I know that God uses everything- even the things he hates, such as hurt and pain- to bring about something that I can use for him. And I chose to look at this situation as a circumstance where I can see Him work!

I was talking to the Lord the other day about how I feel that some of the spark in our relationship wasn't there. I missed it. I desired it. Well, last night I tossed and turned, but because of that I was able to talk with the Lord most of the night. It felt so good, despite physical discomfort, to be talking with him all night- the quiet moments where it's just Jesus and me and no distractions-other than me dozing off here and there when I'm able to! :)

Today I'm overwhelmed with something completely out of my control and from that I'm once again talking to the Lord through the day and practicing my faith.

Faith is very important in our walk with God and it only increases and strengthens through continuous practice. I declared at the beginning of the year that "God's Got This" and that means when trails I must  believe that He's Got This!

So what do I do when I have no problem saying it but my heart and body has trouble implementing it?

I give it to him. I have to be honest here, sometimes I feel so dumb as in two minutes I'll have half a dozen conversations like this, "Lord, I'm still struggling with this, but I believe you are in control. I cast this care (I will name exactly what it is) on you, because I know you care for me. Please take this burden, I don't want to carry it anymore! In Jesus name amen."

Let go of your problem and give it to him. So often we wonder why we are so cumbered with our cares and it's because no matter how often we give it to Jesus, we take it back when it suddenly pops into our head: "Oh, I have this problem today" and we then remember how big the problem is.

The nice thing to remember is that while I may say that prayer all day long- God does know that we are dust. He looks on us as his children. So when that seed of worry begins to grow do as a child would when they are scared or worried- run to him!

Do you remember the story in the bible where Peter stepped out of the boat, to walk on the water, to go to Jesus? It wasn't until he took his eyes off the Lord that he fell. When we take our eyes off a God who is bigger than our problems, our problems become bigger in our eyes.

I'm no expert and have to practice this often: keeping my eyes on Jesus, casting my care on the Lord, letting go of the burden, forgiving myself for my weakness (more on that in a different post).

Trust, believe, have faith that God's Got This!

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