Monday, April 14, 2014

April is for new beginnings!

April has brought a lot into my life, mostly hope. I think it's appropriate that  April is the month we celebrate Resurrection Sunday- the date we celebrate our Saviour rising from the grave. Ultimately finishing what was needed for our forgiveness of sins and so we could be reconciled with God. 

It is also the month, where if you live in the North, you've survived the winter and spring has officially started! Yay! This winter was especially a rough winter with most of the days feeling like it was well below zero and of course loads of snow! I'm so grateful for the warmer weather; it always makes me feel so much better when it's warmer and I can get some sun!

April just brings about so many new beginnings. And with those new beginnings comes that hope I mentioned earlier. This year I was able to finally record some of my Resurrection songs- or songs that talk about Jesus dying and his sacrifice for us.

This first song that I'm going to share with you has an interesting background story to it. The chorus was originally written way back in the 1990's and the verses weren't added to the song until June of 2008. One of the biggest lessons God has showed me through writing music has been that he will work in his time, but it will work out. 

So often I will get parts of a song, either a chorus or a verse possibly just a line to a song. It will take days, months or even years before a song is fully written. I've learned to not rush it as when I'm trying to write and not letting God mind just can't work. It goes blank!

I had tried over the years to add verses to this song but none ever came. And then one day God just gave me what I needed to complete it. If God is working on your life he will bring you to the completion of that work. Don't get discouraged during the writing and waiting moments!

As April continues to fly by I pray that you are filled with the hope of our Savior and what he has for you. Remember his sacrifice was made because before we even knew him- he loved us and was willing to offer himself for us! If you don't know the Savior ask him into your heart today.

Look for the newest song I'm sharing on Resurrection Sunday. Right here at this same blog or on my facebook page!

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