Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Published Book

As you may or may not know, in January I published my first book on Amazon, for kindle. Then surprise! Two weeks ago I found out that it had sold nine times! (Currently I'm up to over 15 sales-which may not seem like a lot, but considering that I didn't expect it to's an accomplishment!)

I didn't promote the book or even tell anyone except for my family. The main reason for this was that it was experiment book. By that I mean that I did it to see how the process went.

Writing and publishing, getting yourself out there can be an overwhelming task, and I often find myself stuck in jumping from one idea to the next. Then getting stuck trying to figure out where I want to go from there with my story or book. So last year I decided to follow the advice I had read so many times: write what you know.

So I asked myself....what do I know? I then asked: what do people need?

Well, this book ended up being about gallbladder health, as for the last seven years I've struggled with my gallbladder health. Through that long journey, I've read a lot and heard from many people who have been in the same situation I have found myself in...having a problem, but no solution.

Granted, the easy solution would just be surgery, right? Wrong. One out of three people who have surgery continue to suffer in pain. Sometimes they will experience a temporary relief, but quickly fall back into ill health. (Find out more about this in my book.)

Should the need for surgery arise, I would pursue it, but after having been told by doctors- who like us to see them as experts- that I had nothing wrong with me, well, let's say going back to them is something I'm not too thrill with!

After doing research and experiencing the suffering on a daily basis, I began to find places that gave me answers. Or at least advice on how I could get relief and work towards healing my gallbladder- without jumping into surgery or something that could be more harmful.

Last year, as I struggled with my writing, I had the brilliant idea of writing out my gallbladder research. After all, every time an attack came on, or I had a rough day, I went in search of all the research I'd seen over a hundred times. I might as well write it out so I could easily access it.

As a side bonus, I'd been asked and it had been suggested that I share the information I had found. So I buckled down and started writing. Currently, it's just over 11,500 words- which is quite small for a book, but I will be working on some additions in the future, as I've been learning and will be trying some new things.

Granted, writing about gallbladders is not where I ever saw my writing going, but it was something i could finish and at the same time again experience that will help me in future endeavors. Currently, I'm working on multiple projects that have been keeping me so busy that at times it's hard to know what to focus on!

But I am hoping something will be ready in the next few weeks to publish.

In the mean time, I've learned so much about publishing for Kindle (right now it's the best way for me to get started), and well, just getting the writing done in general! I'm no where near an expert, and I know there is so much information on this topic, but perhaps by sharing what I've learned, I can assist someone in their own journey of writing and publishing!

Keep tuned for further posts with tips and helps for writing and publishing! 

And if you'd like you can get my book on Amazon:

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