Sunday, April 20, 2014

God Provided The Lamb

Happy Resurrection Sunday!

Today is the day Christians celebrate the Resurrection of our Savior. He is the reason we have hope, forgiveness of sins and eternal life! 

A few weeks ago I spent a day recording a few songs, some were not ready and I was just playing with ideas for an arrangement, while others were ready but I had some difficulties with the final recording. So it's back to the drawing board for them! But this song- the one I didn't think was ready turned out okay- minus the really out off tune piano and a puppy jingling it's collar in the background! ;)

The song God Provided The Lamb was actually a song that took over ten years to write. The chorus was written in the 90's but I never could figure out what the verses would say. Then one summer day in 2008 the verse flowed freely and the song was complete!

I hope today is filled with joy and many blessings as you remember our Lord's sacrifice!

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