Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy as a beezzzzzzzzzzzz

Yes, after the long winter I am still thinking a lot about how I'm lovin it being April...except, now is the time the bugs come out. Just yesterday I found a bee in my kitchen. Suffice it to say, I was okay....but my brother may need therapy!

I don't mind being a busy little bee- but I'm grateful I have a little breather this week! I won't be backing off in working on my writing or music, but at least I will have the time to work on it! Last week I had something almost everyday where I had to leave the house on an errand or for an event. I loved being able to get out and see the world and my health cooperated where I actually felt okay most of the time!

While I didn't get many pictures my sister and I got these at the Keck's show we went to. It. Was. Amazing! So much good food! They also had a photo booth and some props so Rach and I got some pictures done. As the theme was from the early 1920's we have the hats and super fluffy scarf!

After the Keck's show I had a day where my sister surprised me with a manicure, then a day where we had a surprise b-day party, the next day was a bridal shower and of course my normal day for errands and shopping! 

Right now I just finished a video....more info on that to follow....and a whole bunch of writing. So I'm off to get the dogs some exercise and then going to rest! Enjoy the beautiful day!

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