Thursday, April 3, 2014

Still Hoping Part 1

I wasn't sure what my first video series would be about, I had a few ideas, but nothing concrete. After having everything culminate from the last few weeks into this past weekend I decided to go with what God was using in my life right now. Although I have to admit it was still a hard choice because he's been showing me so much!

I love Lamentations 3, it's such an encouragement when you're down and out. The main point of the chapter to to have hope in God even when you are in the deepest, darkest place in your life. Naturally, that while over the next six weeks you will see some of the thoughts I had, there were many more I could have and wanted to share.

We've all faced afflictions in our life through even circumstances that surround us each day. But Jeremiah, who faced many afflictions through his life still never gave up on God. He basically couldn't give up on God because his belief that God was working was greater than his troubles. I'll get into that further, but for now, here's the first video!

I'd love to hear how God is working in your life! Have you ever been in a position like Jeremiah? What helped you to keep moving forward?

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