Friday, June 20, 2014

It's between me and God

I lived my life to make others happy. I made my standards in my life to live up to what others thought was right. And some even thought it was right according to God's word. But that didn't and doesn't always make it right for me.

My life is between me and God. And as long as he is leading and guiding me and I'm walking with him then I need to be confident in my choices. God will tell me if it's not right. Why? Because I ask him!

This doesn't mean that I don't listen to sound advice, but it also means that I don't always have to follow it if I don't believe it's right.

When I worked at the camp I always had people tell me their words of wisdom and what they thought would help me. I even had one person get pretty miffed at my not following what they thought was the right way to do a dish I was serving. They were so miffed they walked out and didn't come back. But the food was my responsibility. If I ran short or it didn't turn out they wouldn't have to worry about repercussion...I would!

It's the same with our lives. We will give account to God and him alone for the actions and decisions we make in our life. With that in mind we shouldn't be so quick to judge others for their choices and decisions. If they want your opinion they'll ask!

If you have a concern it's okay to inquire about it, but don't come with the attitude that they have to see things your way. After all, even God give men a freewill.

Just some thoughts going through my mind....what do you think? Have you come upon those annoying and aggravating people who attack you at the slightest thing you do against their opinion? How do you handle it?

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