Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Living life God's way

There was a company that once said, "Have it your way..." I believe it was Mcdonalds, but it's the same advertisement many fast food restaurants boast of.

We've gotten so used to having things our way that when God tries to speak to us we at times say, "No, but I want to do it this way!"

You want to know what's funny about a statement like that? It's the same statement children give to their parent or caretaker.

But you want to know what's even funnier? Usually when a child is whining about why they have to do something a certain way, it's because we know something they don't. We also are more than likely trying to get them something they want or will love.

It's the same way with God in our life. He wants to give us so many good things, but often we just want it our way as they way God shows us is fraught with too much work, trials or struggles we don't care to meet.

But God is looking to work on our behalf, not give us something we don't want.

Is living life God's way not worth the trouble?

There are some who would say that it's boring living life God's way. There are too many do's and don'ts. It's too hard. This list could go on.

It's true, living for God isn't always easy, but it is a choice that has to be made on a daily-sometime minute by minute basis. That means sometimes you have to be uncomfortable in order to do what you know is right. It means you may meet opposition.

Is it still worth it?

Allow me to put it this way: God sent his son to die for us. Why? Because of our sin. And yet, despite our failings and sin he is still a loving father who sees and knows what and who we are. Yet he goes out of his way to give us good things that we don't deserve. And that's just in this lifetime.

The bible says that we can't comprehend what he has in store for us in heaven! An eternal life with our Lord.

Is it going to be worth it? You tell me.

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