Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Writing: Research

You know you need to write and write a lot! But what else is behind every book you'll write?


I have a love-hate relationship with research. I love to find out new things that will make my story or book all the more realistic and truthful. But it can be a pain when you sit down to write and end up spending the next four hours on research...and pain and exhausting!

Then there's the research you do not only for your book but also for the promotion and marketing of your book. If you're planning to take another option besides just e-books then you'll be looking into agents and publishing companies (unless you're set with one).

When you write about anything, there is always some kind of research that comes up...even if it's about a topic you could write in your sleep...why? There's always some new information or if you're like me, you want to check to be sure you're being accurate about what you're writing!

Research can also be the background and facts you need to know that will enhance your story. It can give you a clearer picture of what your characters are dealing with and how they would be feeling. I'm writing a book right now where I asked a Doctor some questions about a particular illness. I asked such deep questions he actually cautioned me to not over do the details.

What he didn't realize is the questions weren't for my readers, it was so i could understand what the family of my character was watching their loved one go through and what my character itself was facing!

Be careful to not get so caught up in research that you take time away from what you're working on. Research is good, but too much a weariness of the flesh!

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