Monday, May 12, 2014

Breakfast For Dinner

 Yes, it's true, it was a breakfast for dinner kind of day! I had plenty of leftover in the fridge, but didn't feel like any of them. However, my little bro. came to the rescue!

The other day he brought home a bottle of maple syrup his boss had given him. Now this maple syrup had just been bottled within the last it was fresh from one of our church people. Little bro. kept saying that we needed to use the syrup to taste it. So tonight we did just that!

What was on the menu? 

Hashbrown patties- made in our handy toaster oven!

French toast

Add some sausage and maple syrup and there you have it!

While my french toast recipe changes, here's the recipe that I made tonight:

French Toast

8 Slices Bread- I used regular split top wheat bread
6- Eggs
1 TBSP- Milk
Dash or two- Salt
Dash or two- Pepper

Beat eggs, milk, salt and pepper in a flat dish. Heat skillet over low-medium heat. Melt butter. Dip bread in egg mixture until soaked.

Place in heated pan and cook for 1-2 minutes or until light brown and egg is cooked. Flip bread to cook other side.

Serve with warm Maple Syrup.

Side ideas: sausage, hashbrown potatoes or your favorite fried potatoes, bacon, applesauce, fresh fruit.

Who says you have to follow the custom of having dinner foods for dinner? Sometimes breakfast can be just as good anytime of the day!

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