Tuesday, December 31, 2013

New year!

Last year I was not happy thinking about 2013. I just had a feeling it would be a tough year and boy was I right!

Right from the start it was very difficult and filled with grief and loss. From then on it continued to bounce up and down like an airplane hitting turbulence and at times it felt as if our airplane crashed and burned. But somehow, but God's grace, we've still made it through!

For 2014, I've determined to make this a better year. To work hard and cling to my new theme: God's Got This!

When I was thinking of all the difficulties of this past year and talking to God difficulties my family was going through he just impressed upon me to not worry. Stop beseeching and begging and crying for him to come through and just believe that He's got this!

With that in mind I'm going to attack this new year with resolve!

Hope you have a blessed New Years! Stay safe and party lots!:)

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